How to Celebrate a Doggie Birthday

How to Celebrate a Doggie Birthday

Jun 15th 2020

Throwing a doggie birthday party is a smart way to make a dog feel part of the whole family. Technically, the dog doesn't know its exact birthday. However, you can make this day special by celebrating it for the dog.

On this particular day, you can let your friends come with their dogs to the party. To ensure that the day is full of fun, remind them not to come with their aggressive dogs (if some of them are aggressive).

Once you've made up your mind to throw the party for your cute furry companion, start planning for it. When planning for the party, note down all the things you think will light up your dog's day. Here are a few tips to ready you for a fun-filled doggie birthday party.

Planning for the Party

1. Mark the Date

If the pup was raised from home, you probably know its exact date of birth. If you're not sure about its date of birth, be sure to check its pedigree.

If it doesn't have a pedigree, you can still select a date from the month it was born and mark it on your calendar. Stick to that date for future parties. It is only essential to ensure that the date you pick is on a day that your friends would find it easy to make it to the location.

2. Select an Ideal Party Location

An ideal party location will go a long way in ensuring that the party remains entertaining just the way it should be. Ideally, it should be hosted on a pleasant and dog-friendly, setting.

Depending on your preference, you can choose to host the party in your yard (if you have one). If you don't have a yard, the Dog Park or a Local Park can be an ideal location.

If you live near a beach where dogs are allowed, consider throwing the party at the beach. Your dog will certainly love that! Finally, if it is toilet trained, holding the party indoors would also be an exciting alternative.

3. Think of Best Dog Entertainment Options

A dog birthday party is only fun with activities that the dog loves. Before the date, plan on the games that the dogs will engage in.

You can make this easy by ordering for the  best pet toys and other accessories early on. If more dogs are coming, be sure to have plenty of these toys, so the dogs don't start fighting over them.

4. Consider the Dog's Personality

Having stayed with your dog for some time, you probably know a few things that it adores. It's its special day;

Consider decorating your tables with beautiful dog-themed table cloths. Besides, if your dog is one that can be uncomfortable around a lot of people, strangers or other dogs, it would be better to settle for a mini birthday party with it alone.

5. Think of Dog-friendly Refreshments

A birthday party won't be complete without refreshments. From drinks to treat assortment and birthday cakes, among others, plan early enough to have these items ready on that select date.

When placing orders for these treats, be sure to consider the size and age of the dog. If it is a senior one, you’ll need softer treats that are soft and easier to chew on.

Hosting the Party

Once you've made yourself ready for the party and ensured that everything is in place, your focus will switch to hosting the party. Here are a few ideas to make the day entertaining.

• Dog Photo shoots

A perfect doggie birthday party won't also be complete without a photo shoot. Remember to snap a few cute pics at your furry friend's party.

Smartphones and digital cameras that are common these days should make it even easier to capture every minute of the party. These pictures will not only help you hold on to that day but also help you share stories that other pet lovers would love to hear.

• Birthday Cake

You can bake for your dog a sweet birthday cake using ingredients already available at home. Dogs eat a lot of human food, and you can mix the cake with some carrots, apple, and banana sauces to stuff up more nutrients in it.

Either way, you may also opt for readymade all-natural fresh dog birthday cakes and happy birthday gift cakes. Let it unwrap the gift bags.

• Make Some Doggie Pupcakes

Your dog deserves a special treat on its birthday. Some doggie friendly pupcakes will drive its excitement levels high and make the day even more interesting for you and the guests.

Since dogs eat a wide variety of human foods, baking these cakes from home should be simple. You'll need just your everyday baking ingredients, and you'll be good to go.

Mix these ingredients with doggie friendly peanut butter to add more flavor.

• Talent show/Play games

Make this day even more exciting by engaging in different doggie-themed games. From hide and seek games to tugs of war and fetch games, etc. engaging the dogs in various games will ensure that their day is never dull.

Be sure to carry some tennis balls with you into the party, spread them around the area, and watch as excitement levels soar. If the dogs in the party know a few special tricks, this is the time to let them show off what they can do.

• Bring up Some Lovely Party Wear

It goes without mentioning that some lovely party wear will be needed to make this day even more memorable. You can make a beautiful party hat for your dog using just a non-toxic poster or construction paper.

Add more color and beauty to the party hat by decorating it using pompoms, or markers. Wrap all that with beautifully decorated dog bandanas that you can customize to match your furry friend's personality and its guests.

Remember Your Human Guests

Finally, the party was all about the dog. However, your human guests made it remarkable the way it was.

Appreciate them by rewarding them with doggie themed drinks and snacks. Don't forget to snap a few pics to add to your photo album.