How to Celebrate the Holiday Season With Your Dog

How to Celebrate the Holiday Season With Your Dog

Nov 20th 2020

The holiday season is here! Whether the days are snow-covered or sun-drenched, nothing can dampen the festive spirit that Christmas cheer brings. Forget about the turbulence that this year has brought and choose to make the season count. It is the time to gather around the fire with friends and family, share and care, exchange gifts, and indulge.

When pet parents talk about family getting together, it means all. Feathery, furry, and scaled. Unfortunately, most traditional holiday treats involve raisins, special coffees, and chocolate, which are right for you but toxic to the dog.

Your dog does not have to watch the celebration from the sidelines as most do. See below ways you can celebrate the holiday season with your dog.

Christmas Photoshoot

Many people want this year to end. It may have been one hard one, but there are milestones and blessings worth celebrating. And one of them is your loyal pet. Pause and capture the moments. There is nothing that tells better stories than photos. Ensure you create memories that you will live to cherish and remember.

If taking photos over the holidays is not one of your traditions, consider introducing it now. Photos will most likely outlive both you and your pet. Making memories for the future is a great way to celebrate the holidays with your pet.

Spend Time with Your Pet

Dog loves company, and you may not have all the time to sit around petting your furry friend. But holidays are here, and you can finally catch a breather from the hustle and bustle of life. Spending time with your dog is of mutual benefit. Researchers reveal that pets reduce stress, anxiety, and depression levels in human beings.

Having a pet helps to ease loneliness, among other  multiple proven benefits. Many people have also confessed to improving their health through physical activity with their dogs. As we approach the holiday season, make intentional efforts by creating time in your calendar to bond with your dog. Petting your canine and having those long walks and conversations will benefit both of you.

Buy Accessories

Unlike you, your pooch has minimal wardrobe needs. There is no better time to shop for exciting accessories and toys for your dog than now. Holidays come with an innate urge to look good. Shop around and spoil your pet with all the accessories you can find. Tail Bangers stock dog masks that are not only comfortable but stylish too.

You can also buy your dog seasonal leashes, bandanas, or hats to make them jolly this season.

Play Games with Your Dog

You can keep your dog occupied with games as you are busy decorating the tree, wrapping gifts, and baking Christmas cookies. But taking time to play with your dog is exceptional and is a great way to celebrate together with your friend.

Cover a treat with a plastic or stainless steel bowl and let your dog find it. When dealing with small dogs, use light disposable cups. You can also nest treats using storage bowls of the same size and have your dog try to get it.

Another way to keep your dog and you entertained is by throwing a light object or a ball and have your pet bring it back to you. This way, both you and your pet shed some calories as you have fun. If your pet does not have toys, this is the best time to invest in some.

A Party for the Pooches?

Think of planning a party for your dog’s friends. This holiday activity can involve a play date to make it more fun and give the fur babies a blast. You can organize with other pet parents and have a mini party in one of the homes or at the park. If you can get matching costumes for all the dogs, that will be thrilling.

Think of tricks and games that your dog’s love and plan a pet-friendly program. You can make it small or elaborate, depending on your preference. Exchanging of gifts for the pets will crown the season for the pets in a beautiful way.

Indulge in Delicious Meals and Treats

Living through the year with diet restrictions is incredible, but the holiday season is a time to indulge. Your dog will love healthy holiday treats made for the festive season. What better way to reward a faithful friend who has walked with you throughout the year? Ensure you get nutritionally balanced treats. You can also consider having bones, which will help in their dental health.

Road Trip

If you are planning for a holiday away, consider a pet-friendly location that you can drive to. Most dogs are adventurous and find road trips thrilling as it lasts longer than the regular walk. Choose a pet-friendly route and pack the dogs essentials like feeding bowls, water, treats, and any medication. Visit your vet for a health check and a clean bill of health. Your vet can also advise on preventive measures that will keep your dog healthy throughout the holiday if you visit a different region.

Make your dog comfortable by reserving a spot in the car just for your pet. A hammock and a dog sling at the back seat is the best position for your travel buddy. This way, your pet is safe, and the car will not suffer claw marks.

It is crucial to keep your dog engaged through the ride by having something they can chew on. Other pet parents prefer having a tired dog on board. You can take the pet for a morning run if you want to travel with a tired companion. Start with short trips if it is the first time you are having a road trip with your pooch and increase the distance over time.


The holiday season is for everyone, your pets included. It is common to plan for your holiday and forget your loyal friend. This season, follow the tips above and celebrate the holiday season with your dog.