Tips on Buying Dog Food

Tips on Buying Dog Food

Oct 20th 2020

Many things have changed over the years, and dog food products are among them. With the knowledge available, it is now more important to feed your canine the correct way. Choosing dog food is a more intentional and time-consuming process today.

Dogs have a unique digestive system, and the long time practice of getting over-processed or low-quality foods is wrong. The right choice of quality food that is nutritionally balanced is among the things that will make your dog grow healthier and happier. Feeding your dog well will make a significant difference in how they respond to instructions, act, look, and the type of attention they give.

With all the market brands today, buying food for your dog may seem like a very confusing undertaking. Here are tips to make your dog food shopping a breeze.

Consider Your Pets Specific Nutritional Needs

Dogs have different nutritional needs depending on age, breed, and level of activities. If your pet is the active one that takes long runs and is always ready for a game, consider high energy foods. Pets that are more mosey around the house or yard require less calorie-packed diets as they may end up with overweight issues.

Also, the age of the dog plays a role in the food you buy. Pups and the senior dog may feed better on wet foods that are easier to chew.

Buy Pet Food with All Ingredients Listed

Credible companies list not only the ingredients used but the exact quantities in detail. You need to know what you are feeding your pet always. The elements play a huge role in selecting food for your canine, and it is essential to have high-quality ones. But just like a great cook would make the best meal from basic ingredients, a company with expertise will make excellent products from natural food elements.

Knowing what ingredients are in the packet you intend to feed your pet will also help in a reaction, whether positive or negative.

Include Variety and Avoid Monotony

Taking the same food throughout creates monotony and makes it dull. Pets appreciate variety too. Besides making feeding time more enjoyable, having different foods increases nutritional benefits.

Wet and raw dog foods, for example, are more meat-based, hence high in protein levels. Kibbles, on the other hand, nourish your pet with the calories he needs for running around. Though the foods are different, they all play a significant role in your canine's body. You may also want to serve kibbles with some wet food at the same time. All you need to do is ensure that you balance the quantity and nutrients.

Stick to Natural and Trusted Brands

There are thousands of brands in the market selling dog food. Unfortunately, some are manufacturing the products purely for business and do not care about the quality and content. These business people add ingredients to diets for marketing purposes with the sole purpose of increasing the appeal of the product to consumers. Many pet parents have fallen victim to buying dog foods with great-sounding ingredients but low-quality content as they depend on the company's diligence. Look for companies with many years in the field and have been tried and tested. Trusted brands like Tail Bangers have over the years fed pets across the world with quality products.

Budget for Treats

Dog parents consider nutritious treats with natural ingredients to celebrate their canines during training or special occasions. Besides training, dog treats are used to offer dogs chewing alternatives from the household items you cherish. Dog treats also provide entertainment for the dog when pet caregivers are away or busy and mental stimulation.

You may also consider celebrating your canine friend with special treats for birthdays, milestones, or holidays. When thinking of buying dog food, set a budget for treats that your pet enjoys.

Prep and Cooking Time

Pause and consider the preparation and cooking time you will need to invest in before the food is ready. Taking care of a pet is time-consuming, and prolonged food prep time makes it more challenging if you have other commitments besides your dog. Some people own many dogs or pets.

When buying dog food, preparation time is one of the significant factors to consider. Some people choose to cook for their dogs, but quick fixes may work best when you have enough on your plate. Buying ready-made or raw foods may sound like a great idea.

Right Diet that includes all Nutrients

Nutritionists highly recommend balanced diets for the best growth of the canines. Some experts suggest that well-fed dogs live a longer and better quality of life. Giving dogs the right diet with all nutrients is not negotiable for any caring caregiver.

Sticking to the right diet ensures that your dog is healthier and increase in energy.

Talk to Your Vet

Your vet will help by recommending the right formulas for your pet at every stage of its life, depending on your pet's specific nutritional needs. In case your dog has any health concerns, talking to your vet is even more crucial. Depending on your dog's health problem, there may be promising therapeutic diets you would want to consider. If you do not get the recommended diets in the store, avoid making any changes or substitutes before talking to your vet as it may be harmful to your pet.


Pet parents can attest to the enormous difference that the right dog food makes in improving a dog's lifestyle. People looking after many dogs can always find a balance that will work for most of your pets as getting different foods for individual dogs is hectic and expensive. Avoid feeding the furry friends on your diet as some ingredients like onion and garlic that are great for the human body are harmful to dogs.

Take time and compare various brands against the cost to ensure you get a good deal. It does not hurt to save a coin or two without compromising your pet's nutritional needs.