What is Human Grade Dog Food?

What is Human Grade Dog Food?

Sep 30th 2020

Many pet parents grapple with nutritional choices that are best for their dogs as there are many options and diets in the market. Among the many possibilities is human-grade food.

Human grade food is loosely defined as dog food that is edible for human consumption by organizations like USDA and is mostly found in supermarkets. However, according to AAFCO- The Association of American Feed Control Officials, the human-grade dog food has no standard definition for pet food.

All the product ingredients should be edible by humans to qualify as human-grade. Also, product manufacturing and packaging should meet some federal regulations. A product that meets all these conditions in one item is, therefore, called human-grade.

Always check with your vet if you are uncertain of the food picks, as some labels can be misleading. In some cases, manufacturers stretch the intention by labeling dog products and foods natural or human grade.

t is crucial for dog owners to interrogate even foods with 'human grade' labels before feeding pets. Ensure that the content is beneficial to your pet by meeting the following standards:

Good Quality Ingredients

Pet food manufacturers should use the right quality ingredients in the production process. A reputable brand producing human-grade dog food uses nutrient-rich quality ingredients that promote a healthy diet for the pet. When it comes to ingredients, quality should surpass quantity. Complete and balanced nutrition is one of the characteristics of quality ingredients.

Ensure that the pet food enlists specific meat sources like chicken, buffalo, cow, and others. The right ingredients should be natural, holistic, and organic. These are some of the words used to describe quality ingredients, though there are more. Quality ingredients are an essential characteristic that all pet foods should possess.

Available and accessible

Even the best pet food is useless when not available. In this technology era, the world is a village as one can buy anything from anywhere. One of the best qualities of human-grade dog food is availability. Changing a dog's diet for whatever reason is an involving and time-consuming process. In some cases of food reactions, introducing new foods to your pet can turn fatal. Therefore, a constant supply of pet food is crucial. Excellent human-grade dog food should always be available.


While human grade dog foods may cost slightly more than the other pet foods, the prices should remain affordable. Keeping a pet comes with additional expenses like vet fees, treats and toys, and other costs. Spending money on dog food is expected. However, you do not need to incur unnecessary expenses, and this does not justify exploitation.

Good food for your pet may come at a slightly extra cost than others, but the price should nt be beyond rich. Affordability is key to best pet food brand in the market today.

Promote a Healthy Diet

Keeping dogs healthy is one of the hardest things to do. Research suggests that many dogs are overweight, and the concern is on the increase over the years. Excess weight in dogs, like in humans, comes with a load of health complications.

Watch out for artificial preservatives like propyl gallate, BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole), among others. These ingredients may cause your pet more harm than good.

A natural healthy human-grade food diet can play a huge role in helping dogs maintain a healthy lifestyle. Besides food, ensure your pet leads and an active and healthy life. When your dog is healthy, he will not only enjoy long quality life, but you will both have happy tail-wagging moments.

Nutritional-Packed and Value Adding

Any food your pet eats should be nutrient-dense. Unlike humans who can count their calorie amounts in foods and check their nutrients intakes, dogs depend on us. Dog owners shoulder the responsibility of feeding the right thing to your pet.

Balanced  nutrition filled foods and treats for dogs are a great source of energy and good quality life. Certain foods and ingredients provide more nutritional value than others.

Pay attention to the first ingredients listed, promoting proteins. Your dog needs protein for muscle development, and good quality meat should feature among the top components of a quality human-grade dog food. Egg, fish, and cheese are other protein sources used in pet food. Though high-quality proteins come at an extra cost, the health of your dog is worth it.

Always ensure that you read through the ingredients and the source of meat is named.

Have Best Interest of Your Dog in Mind

While human-grade dog food is edible to people, it is meant for your pets. Choose foods that have the best interest of your canine friend in mind. A lower price does not translate to better deals, and vice versa. When it comes to pet food, your dog comes first. Therefore ensure that you get the best food and treats made specifically for your dog.

Consider the age, health, and breed of the dog when purchasing human-grade dog food. Feed your dogs with the appropriate diet to meet all the nutritional needs at various stages.

Credible Company

There are many profit-driven companies in dog food production. However, entities like Tail Bangers focus on your pets' nutritional needs and general well-being. Purchasing your pet foods from vet-approved companies ensures your dog consumes safe and value-packed products with rich nutritional value.


Pet owners are increasingly showering their animal friends with love treating them more like family. Some dog food companies have responded to this need by developing diets closely related to human food by incorporating human-grade vegetable and meat ingredients. Some of the foods pass quality inspections by authority bodies like USDA. Unfortunately, some malicious business people hide substandard products under attractive labels to increase sales. However, before purchasing dog food with the human-grade tag, do due diligence. Pay attention to your dog's response if you are introducing human-grade diets to your food. Follow the standard rules stipulated by experts for changing your pet's diet.